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To open possibilities, it is important to transform what we have been until today. Considering that we are multidimensional beings, at World Business Holding through the Entrepreneurship Academy, we design an educational plan with the four fundamental pillars for success.


Learning is a superior quality of a man, so we focus on developing holistic qualities so that you can create your new reality. In this sense, training in emotional intelligence is a fundamental pillar of our plan. In the same way, we conceive the spiritual connection of the entrepreneur as a second key educational element.


The third pillar is based on nutrition and physical conditioning, raising awareness on the care of the body to achieve optimal balance. Our training is complemented by the fourth pillar of specialization on knowledge and business development, which allows the entrepreneur to advance in winning projects.


We are determined and that is why the Entrepreneurship Academy allows you to be a generating source of your own reality. Let's start the path to transform you into what you want.

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Entrepreneurship Academy

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